“ Best tacos in London”

Our tacos aren’t street food, they’re sweep-you-off-your-feet-food.

Tacos & rice bowls

Including create your own.

Anything can taco

Flavour combinations you never knew existed.

Serious quality

Everything is fresh and cooked on site, this isn’t street food it’s sweep-you-off-your-feet-food

Taco taco logo.

About us

Taco Taco is a quality driven, gourmet food concept founded in 2023. It's inspired by a true love for Tacos. The menu is born from our Motto ‘Anything can taco’ balancing traditional Mexican flavours and creating recipes that, on paper, might look crazy but, in mouthfuls, taste like heaven. 

From our chefs to the freshness of the food, these aren’t tacos as you know them. We source the best ingredients, cooked fresh on-site by real chefs and served by an amazing team dedicated to brightening up your day.

Our tacos aren’t street food. They’re sweep-you-off-your-feet food, Pull-up-a-seat food, Flavours-you-can’t-beat food. From mouth-wateringly meaty to vibrantly vegan, seriously savoury to immensely indulgent. Morning, noon or night, our tacos a real handful. 

The only real question is, which one are you ordering first?

Sit down or slip out

Whether you’ve got time to have a sit down meal or dashing in on your lunch break, we don’t mind. Our venue located in the heart of Shoreditch seats up to 20 and the servers on our grab and go desk are speed-tested weekly*! So whether you're here to stay for a while or on the clock…we’ve got you covered.

* this is not true, and also potentially illegal. But our team ARE very fast, promise!

Monday - Sunday
11:30 AM - 09:00 PM